January 2018

We rang in the New Year in Texas, basically lounging around in our pjs and recovering from the frenzy of the holidays. I normally hit the ground running January 1st, but this year I just needed some r&r time with family.


I felt like in 2017 I created too many restrictions for myself, constantly uptight at my inability to live within all these arbitrarily created restrictions.  So this year I decided to let thing fly a little freer, and free they have flown.


While in Texas we snuck out for a quick date at Rudy’s BBQ and Dave & Buster’s.  It was so nice to get out for a little fun, just us.





While in San Antonio we hit up the Witte Museum, saw the Zoo lights, and just hung out with family.



Back home I couldn’t look away from What the Health and decided to eat a more plant-based diet.  (Sorry, no movie convince me to give up cheese.) We are now quasi-vegan–I’ll share my plant-based eating philosphy soon in a future post.

20180111 (3)-1

Gavin received the Citizenhip award at school.


Once the weather warmed up, we hit the beach. And then we hit it again.


What I didn’t do is set New Year’s Resolutions, for the first time in years, but I did start listening to The Life Coach School Podcast and it is rocking. my. world!

There you have it.

February, here we come!


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