The truth about my marriage.

A husband and wife smiling, looking cute and happy.

Us, looking cute and happy.

Marriage is not Perfection

Happy Friday friends!! Aren’t we cute? Don’t we look happy?

The truth about marriage

The truth is, our marriage is messy. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes we are close, and sometimes we are not.

People change

I’ve changed, he’s changed, our relationship has changed. There are times I’ve just looked at him and thought, who is this person? 😤 And other times we are in a crowded room and all I can think is wow, I really do like him more than anyone else in the world. Even the kids.

Marriage is hard work, and sometimes it sucks

I didn’t really get what people meant when they said marriage was work. (Yeah yeah of course it’s work… ) I realize I probably don’t know some of the challenges headed our way. I do know the work can suck—it hurts and can feel like sobbing and wanting to yell and pack your bags and never see their ugly face ever again, and yet staying. Forgiving. Listening. Trying.

Marriage is wonderful

But marriage also means having an adventure partner, a shoulder to rest on, someone to hang out and eat pizza in sweatpants with. It means washing the dishes next to someone who loves and accepts you and is trying to be the old man holding your hand 50 years down the road.

But also

I know it doesn’t always work out, despite our best efforts. That’s ok too.

Here is the truth

I just wanted to share this picture of us looking cute and happy and for you to know that we are cute and happy, but also sometimes we are petty and ugly-crying, and that is just part of the whole experience.

Marriage isn’t perfect

I debated sharing this because it’s hard to admit publicly that my marriage isn’t perfect. I much rather share just the good stuff! But let’s be honest, as good as it is, it’s not all good stuff! I feel like you all know me a little bit more, if you made it this far. 😂

Let’s be real

Let’s be real online and share the good and bad. Let’s talk about the awkward things and learn from one another. Otherwise, what is the point of this space? Who has the best curated brag-show? 🙅🏻‍♀️

Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of the conversation! I don’t get enough opportunity to sit and talk (my favorite activity), so I love the conversations we can have here.

I’m here for you

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, I am here! It really wouldn’t be weird, I like talking to people. Not sure why I felt like I needed to add that, but I did and I meant it! ✌

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