52 Books

Last year I made the resolution to read 52 books in a year–one for each week. It seemed like a lofty goal, but I believed I could do it. I have always been a fast and avid reader, so a book a week seemed totally doable. Spoiler alert: I didn’t read 52 books last year.

I did, however, read 19 books. (For 2019?! Eh eh!) I mostly forgot my resolution for most of the year, so at least two thirds of the books were read in the last few months, which makes me think I could have done it.

Here are my 2019 reads:

I really enjoyed exposure to new paradigms that challenged my thinking, choices, and enriched my life with a diversity of thought and simulated experience. I loved this so much that I’m keeping the resolution this year and going for 52 books in 2020! I’m halfway through my first book, so like most resolutions on January 3rd, I’m off to a good start.

Tomorrow, I’ll write my review of these books and reveal my top picks.

In the meantime, I’d love to know if you have read any of these books. What did you think? What other books have you read that you loved? Some of these books were recommended to me and ended up being my favorites of the year!

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One thought on “52 Books

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