Random Thought Dump

Today I was sitting on the patio, drinking an ice-coffee when Chet comes out and asks, “We’re not Jan and Michael, are we?” For those of you who know, we watched the “Dinner Party” episode last night. It’s definitely one of the series more cringe-worthy episodes. I don’t know if I was more offended that he thought I could be Jan or that he could be Michael. Obviously the answer is no, but it’s an interesting thought experiment to ask yourself really horrifying interspecting questions.

Today I listened to a HBR Ideacast about the history of work. It contrasted our production-oriented post-Industrial economic paradigms to a hunter-gatherer society that values equality and believes in abundance over productivity. It has made me think about my need for constant productivity and whether that is just a cultural construct I have adapted.

I secretly (now not-so-secretly) think my phone is plotting to steal my life away from me.

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Front-end Developer specializing in a user-friendly mobile-first approach for small businesses.

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