Valentine’s 2019

A Very Basic Valentines Day This might have been our most basic year yet, and I am totally ok with that. I feel like you get to this place in life where life just is and it keeps rolling forward, and you get to choose how much you are going to enjoy the ride. LikeContinue reading “Valentine’s 2019”

I want to travel the world

Lately, I have been dreaming of selling all our stuff and jetting off to some exotic destination where we can experience a different lifestyle and grow closer as a family.  I know it sounds a bit naive and romanticized, but living abroad in Shanghai whet my appetite for this kind of lifestyle. I want toContinue reading “I want to travel the world”

Article Mock-Up

I’ve been lucky enough to be participating in Grow with Google and Udacity’s Front-End Web Developer Scholarship.  I’ve been participating in a front-end web development course offered through Udacity and sponsored by Google with the hope of being selected to get a scholarship to take Udacity’s Front-End Web Development Nanodegree for free. This has beenContinue reading “Article Mock-Up”